Forest Immersion
- Home is closer than you think... -

When you find yourself looking for a breather from the rush of work, technology and the hurries of  everyday life, seek not too far. You will find it under the closest pine. Join us for a trip to our ancestral home in the woods and learn just how it boosts your well-being.  

By the fire we will first discover how our ancestors' past in the woods can still be seen in our  physiology today and what the numerous health benefits of time spent in the woods are.

As we step  in the woods we get dwell in our senses through guided body consciousness, mindfulness and  relaxation techniques. As we allow our mind to quiet itself we can begin to feel what hikers speak  of so commonly: a fullness of our senses, a calm mind full of vitality.  

Price includes guiding, transportation from Tampere, sitting mats, coffee, tea and a snack. Guiding also available in English, French, German and Russian (in English if more than one nationality present).

Please bring season-appropriate clothing, footwear and a water bottle.  

Price : 60 euro/person  
Maximum group size 20.
Participants are required to have a valid insurance

For further informations, please contact us...
Boreal Quest
Markus Jokinen : +358-401804082